Why Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is front end framework by Twitter to build custom web applications that are fast, responsive & intuitive. It consist of CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, and navigation along with custom-built jQuery plug-ins and support for responsive layouts. With dozens of reusable components for navigation, pagination, labels, alerts etc, we can quickly develop an application that looks & feels good.

Here are some of the features

Responsive design

12-column grid layout provides user best viewing experience across all devices of difference sizes

Web UI Component

Dropdowns, Buttons, Navigation menu, Labels, Breadrumbs, Pagination, Thumbnails, Alerts, Progress bars.

Built on LESS

a CSS grid system for designing adaptive websites

Open Source

Allows developers to participate and add their contribution to be used by other bootstrap developers


Simple, fast and easy to work with existing sites

Base CSS

for Typography, code, Tables, Forms, Buttons

Javascript plugins

Modal, Dropdown, Scrollspy, Tab, Tooltip, Popover, Alert, Button, Collapse, Carousel and Typehead.

Cross platform

Centralized development code ensures that the output is consistent across platforms & browsers.


Bootstrap framework takes into account the future design & development standards e.g. HTML5 & CSS3

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Since Twitter is hosting this on their GitHub page, it is constantly being updated and they also allow you to tweak the code and create unique variations. You can view Bootstrap and see all of the examples on their GitHub page.

Our team of Bootstrap developers & designers have spent lot of time learning and implementing the framework on several websites. We are now ready to help you with developing your next web application built on Twitter bootstrap framework.