What is Responsive Design?

Responsive designs are those that adjusts the layout of a web page or email in way that looks good on which every device it is opened. Until now, most of the websites are designed for desktops but as more and more people have started using their mobile phones to browse the web, it become imperative to show them design that they can read & navigate easily on the smaller screens. "Responsive" web design approach has made it possible to write code in a way that rearranges the content that fits to the screen size of the device on which it is being opened and give them app-like experience.

Some of the benefits of responsive designs

Design one site that works everywhere

Instead of creating a unique version of the webpage for each desktop, mobile & tablet, you can now create one design that works on all devices, browsers & resolutions. Your designs will be future ready when a new table or phone size comes in the market, your designs will adapt itself and fit to the new screen size.

Search engine friendly

The architecture of a responsive designs makes it easy for search engines like Google & Bing to read the content of your website. Without responsive design you may accidentally duplicate the content in a mobile and desktop website, which may result in penalty and affects your search engine rankings in a wrong direction

Save time   money

By designing only 1 version for your site, you will save cost as there will be less work, less coding & less meetings for the design approvals.

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Here are 2 best examples of responsive websites